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NanoMaton is a java library relying on the nanopub-java code for converting a spreadsheet template into nanopublications.

A Google spreadsheets template for NanoMaton can be found here. This template can be used in combination with OntoMaton to associate nanopublication elements to vocabulary terms. For more information, see the article on OntoMaton available in Bioinformatics, which describes how OntoMaton supports collaborative annotation and relies on NCBO Bioportal web services. Also note that OntoMaton version 2 has been extended to support annotations relying on the Linked Open Vocabularies services.

For an example on how to use NanoMaton to generate nanopublications, please see our SOAPdenovo2 case study, for which the completed NanoMaton template for 8 nanopublications can be found here.

NanoMaton is licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL) version 1.1/GPL version 2.0/LGPL version 2.1