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Soil organic carbon data recovery and harmonization (SOC-DRaHR)


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The purpose of the Soil Organic Carbon Data Rescue and Harmonization Repository (SOC-DRaHR) is to collect haromonization scripts for data sets related to soil carbon to enable scientific research. This project identifies soil carbon datasets that are publicly avaiable, provides data harmonization scripts to integrate those data sets, and provides output scripts for a harmonized data product. Data can come from field surveys, field manipulation studies, and laboratory experiments.

This project is not a data repository or archive but instead a code repository. End users are responsible for complying with ALL data use policies of the orginal data providers, please check with the orginal archives and reposities to ensure you are complying with use policies.

Project links

Here are some important resources to get you started:

  1. International Soil Carbon Network is our parent organization.
  2. Our code of conduct is based on the The Contributor Covenant.
  3. Our roadmap of where we want the project to go currently and over the next 1, 5, and 10 years.
  4. How to contribute
  5. Our mailing list

Quick start

To quickly access ISCN3 data:

ISCN3 <- processData_ISCN3()

See ISCNVisulaize for a detailed breakdown of the variables and site locations in ISCN3.

How to contribute

Please see the CONTRIBUTING document for more details on how to contribute, including how to identify datasets, contribute to the code, and everything else that is needed to run an open source community project. Contributers will be offered co-authorship for repository DOI but can not be guaranteed co-authorship on manuscripts, proposals or studies that utilize this repository. This repository is licensed here.

Open data calls

Below are active data calls for future manuscripts.

  1. Labratory incubated soil respiration response to moisture manipulation. Reviewers: K Todd-Brown and B Bond-Lamberty


Repository versions will be assigned DOIs as needed. Any manuscripts which use these data harmonization scripts are asked to cite the appropreate repository version but are not required to list contributers as co-authors. The aggregation scripts here are licensed under BSD 2-clause. See LICENSE for details.

Outside links of interest

Environmental Data Initiative has a GitRepo that has a similar approach to aggregating survey data.

Earth Sciences Information Partners

DataOne is a go-to resource for finding environmental data in general and searches many different established repositories. They have an R package for interacting with their search engine here

rOpenSci Project

Five ways consortia can catalyse open science, Nature, 2017

National Data Service