CICFlowmeter-V4.0 (formerly known as ISCXFlowMeter) is a network traffic Bi-flow generator and analyzer for anomaly detection that has been used in many Cybersecurity datsets such as Android Adware-General Malware dataset (CICAAGM2017), IPS/IDS dataset (CICIDS2017) and Android Malware dataset (CICAndMal2017).
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Install jnetpcap local repo

for linux, sudo is a prerequisite

//linux :at the pathtoproject/jnetpcap/linux/jnetpcap-1.4.r1425
//windows: at the pathtoproject/jnetpcap/win/jnetpcap-1.4.r1425
mvn install:install-file -Dfile=jnetpcap.jar -DgroupId=org.jnetpcap -DartifactId=jnetpcap -Dversion=1.4.1 -Dpackaging=jar


IntelliJ IDEA

open a Terminal in the IDE

$ sudo bash
$ gradle execute

$ gradlew execute


Run eclipse with sudo

1. Right click -> Run As -> Run Configurations -> Arguments -> VM arguments:
-Djava.library.path="pathtoproject/jnetpcap/linux/jnetpcap-1.4.r1425"  -> Run

2. Right click -> Run As -> Java Application

Make package

IntelliJ IDEA

open a Terminal in the IDE

$ gradle distZip
$ gradlew distZip

the zip file will be in the pathtoproject/CICFlowMeter/build/distributions


At the project root

mvn package

the jar file will be in the pathtoproject/CICFlowMeter/target