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# List of aliases for bourne-like shells
# This script must be *SOURCED*, not executed
# Here, $0 is used instead of $SHELL because the former will fail when bash is
# invoked inside a session logged initially with zsh
if [[ $0 =~ "zsh" ]]; then
alias cp='nocorrect cp'
alias find='noglob find'
alias man='nocorrect man'
alias mkdir='nocorrect mkdir'
alias mv='nocorrect mv'
alias rm='nocorrect rm'
alias task='nocorrect task'
if [[ -z $SSH_CLIENT ]]; then
alias -s html=$BROWSER
alias -s png='sxiv'
alias -s jpg='sxiv'
alias -s gif='sxiv'
alias -s txt=$EDITOR
alias -s pdf='zathura'
# Uncomment the following line to add aliases specific to bash
# elif [[ $0 =~ "bash" ]]; then
# Aliases for ls, checking if is GNU coreutil's ls or a standard POSIX (probably
# BSD) one
if ls --color=auto > /dev/null 2>&1; then
alias ls="ls --color=auto"
alias l="ls -BCF --color=auto"
alias la="ls -A --color=auto"
alias ll="ls -lh --color=auto"
alias lla="ls -Alh --color=auto"
alias lt="ls -alih --color=auto"
alias l="ls -Bh"
alias la="ls -Ah"
alias ll="ls -lh"
alias lla="ls -Alh"
alias lt="ls -alih"
alias bc='bc -l'
alias callgrind='valgrind --tool=callgrind'
alias gdb='gdb -q'
alias htopcpu='htop --sort-key PERCENT_CPU'
alias htopmem='htop --sort-key PERCENT_MEM'
alias oka='echo valeu'
alias onlyx='nohup startx &; disown; exit'
alias tv='terminal_velocity'
alias clean_clip='echo -n "" | xclip -in -selection primary; echo -n "" | xclip -in -selection secondary'
# mplayer aliases
alias playcd='mplayer cdda://'
alias cam='mplayer tv://'
# vim: set ft=sh :
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