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Change keybindings to avoid conflicts

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1 parent 7891e52 commit ce65abb0add67bcde2a1a6910c8a837cfd29bf51 @ISF committed Feb 24, 2013
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6 .mutt/macros.muttrc
@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@ macro pager \cu <pipe-entry>''<enter> 'Follow links with urlview'
macro index,pager .b "<pipe-message>goobook add<return>" "Add the sender address to Google contacts"
# movementation between account folders
-macro index Gg "<change-folder>.mail/gmail/INBOX<enter>"
-macro index Gm "<change-folder>.mail/gmx/INBOX<enter>"
-macro index Gs "<change-folder>.mail/sdf/INBOX<enter>"
+macro index *g "<change-folder>.mail/gmail/INBOX<enter>"
+macro index *m "<change-folder>.mail/gmx/INBOX<enter>"
+macro index *s "<change-folder>.mail/sdf/INBOX<enter>"
# mark as unread
macro index,pager .u "<set-flag>N" "Mark as unread"

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