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A simple and UNSAFE way to avoid putting your password on WeeChat's config files
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Simple script to identify in a irc server. The main motivation for this script is the fact that my password was saved in plaintext on WeeChat configuration files, and I wanted to put them on github.


  • Copy the script to $HOME/.weechat/python/autoload/
  • Edit the script and put your password in the specified place (search for PASSWORD)
  • Be sure to run the script with the option irc.server.server_name.command, and that your nick matches the registered one (command = "/identify_me")
  • Add more servers in the configuration, if necessary.


This script is a ugly, dirty, quick and, most important of all, working hack. WARNING: you loose the ability to authenticate with SASL. But, with no plaintext passwords in the config files, you can easily store them on github or any other public places (REMEMBER to always check if your password isn't stored anywhere else in the files)

It may contain bugs, so use by your own risk. I will take no responsability at all. I hope someday a better solution appears.

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