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David Korn and Glen Fowler are no longer at AT&T Software Technology. An AT&T GitHub account exists (att), and David has his own account (dgkorn); but none seem to be active on AST. Dragonfly's dependency on Korn shell is too high to let it die. This fork is for now just a safety backup. If the community doesn't pickup AST to make it live, we ma…
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This is the AT&T Software Technology (AST) toolkit from AT&T Research. It includes many tools and libraries, like KSH, NMAKE, SFIO, VMALLOC, VCODEX, etc. It also includes more efficient replacements for a lot of the POSIX tools. It was designed to be portable across many UNIX systems and also works under UWIN on Microsoft Windows (see UWIN repo on GitHub under att/uwin).

This software is used to build itself, using NMAKE. After cloning this repo, cd to the top directory of it and run:

./bin/package make

Almost all the tools in this package (including the bin/package script are self-documenting; run --man (or --html) for the man page for the tool.

(If you were used to the old AST packaging mechanism, on, this repo is equivalent to downloading the INIT and ast-open packages and running: ./bin/package read on them).

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