XML schema, transforms, schematron rules, and examples for ISO TC211 Metadata Standards
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Working ISO TC211 XML Schema Repository

XML schema, transforms, schematron rules, and examples for ISO TC211 Metadata Standards

201803 Update Schema and namespace changes related to the ISO 19115-1 and ISO 19157 Ammendments, and the ISO 19115-2 Revision were included in this repository early in March 2018. We are working with ISO to migrate these changes to standards.iso.org as soon as possible. Please submit issues to this repository if you find problems with these updates. The wiki page Namespace Updates 2018 03 describes the changes.

This repository contains draft XML schema and related documents for the ISO TC211 metadata (ISO 19115-1) and data quality (ISO 19157). These are not final schemas for these standards but may be suitable for initial testing and familiarization. They are provided here to support those kinds of use cases without any expectation for persistence.

The current version of the official schema are at http://standards.iso.org/iso. These official schemas are also in the standards.iso.org directory of this repository. The directory standards.iso.org/iso includes a sub-directory for each ISO Standard.

The ISO TC211 Schema Repository

The ISO TC211 XML Schema repository is located at http://standards.iso.org/iso. Each part of each standard has a directory like: http://standards.iso.org/iso/StandardNumber/PartNumber/NamespacePrefix/Version. For example: http://standards.iso.org/iso/19115/-3/cit/1.0 or http://standards.iso.org/iso/19157/-2/mdq/1.0. Comments, suggestions, change requests and revisions are managed in this repository, i.e. ISO TC211 Git Repository.

A zip archive of the complete official schema is available at http://standards.iso.org/iso/19115/19115AllNamespaces.zip.

Summary information about all of these namespaces is avaialble at http://standards.iso.org/iso/19115/resources/namespaceSummary.html. Each namespace directory in the repository has an index file that provides information relevant to the namespace and links. These files are described below.

Package Diagram

UML Package Diagrams show dependencies between the current namespace and others as well as the entities defined in each namespace. ##Description The Description includes information about the ISO Standard implemented in the namespace and general information about the purpose and content of the namespace.

Sample XML Files

Each namespace directory includes sample XML files for the namespace and for demonstrating related schematron rules. The namespace sample files are called xxx.xml (for namespace xxx). The schematron rule examples include xxx_valid.xml and xxx_invalid.xml examples for each schematron rule.


If the namespace includes codelists, an xml (codelists.xml) and html (codelists.html) version of the codelists are provided.

Namespace Location

The standard location for namespace xxx is http://standards.iso.org/iso/StandardNumber/PartNumber/xxx/Version. For example: http://standards.iso.org/iso/19115/-3/cit/1.0 or http://standards.iso.org/iso/19157/-2/mdq/1.0.

Schema Location

The standard schema for namespace xxx is http://standards.iso.org/iso/StandardNumber/PartNumber/xxx/Version/xxx.xsd. For example: http://standards.iso.org/iso/19115/-3/cit/1.0/cit.xsd or http://standards.iso.org/iso/19157/-2/mdq/1.0/mdq.xsd. These XML schema include (indirectly) all the implemented concepts of the xxx namespace, but they do not contain the declaration of any types.

Related Schema

The xxx.xsd files reference other schemas that define the types included in the namespace. These usually have more descriptive names than xxx.xsd, e.g. citation.xsd.

Related Namespaces

If there are dependencies between namespace xxx and others, the standard prefix for the namespace, the URI (absolute), and the schema location (relative) are listed here.

Schematron Rules

If the namespace includes requirements that can not be tested