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A RPG for the Game Boy Color -- WARNING: code base is very broken, I do not recommend re-using any code from here
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Aevilia GB

Build status badge

A RPG for the Game Boy Color, written in pure Sharp LR35902 (aka GBz80) assembly.

Please be aware that this codebase is not updated anymore. A rewrite, not public for the moment, is being worked on.

Note : this is neither a tutorial nor a walkthrough for the game.


Download links are provided here.

Compiling The Game

Nightlies (ROM rebuilt daily) can be found here

If you want to build the ROM from source, please refer to the file.

Running The Game

To play the game, you can either play it on hardware, or use an emulator.

For hardware, we recommend the Everdrive X5 flashcart, although any flashcart should work. We may also release cartridges of the game when it's finished, depending on popularity and interest.

If you're looking for emulator advice, check out our wiki page.


Aevilia is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license (please refer to the LICENSE file).

DevSound is licensed under the MIT license (please refer to its own LICENSE file).

The gist of these licenses is that re-use of the code/assets present in these repositories is allowed, even for commercial uses, as long as the licenses are included, and the modifications are clearly stated (in the case of Aevilia's license). If you want more info, you can always read the whole licenses (although I wish that on nobody), ask us (there's contact info below), or even just google what you're allowed to do.


  • bin/aevilia.gbc
    The game's ROM. To obtain this, compile the source (refer further down)
    Load it in your favorite emulator to play.
    Except VBA. You already know the A doesn't stand for 'accuracy'.
  • bin/aevilia.sym, bin/
    Helper files for debugging, also generated when compiling. Not required if you just want to play the game.
  • bin/HUD.lua
    Load it with the game in BizHawk to obtain a nice little HUD, showing collision, interaction boxes, etc.
    Again, useful for debugging, not for playing. Except maybe if TASing, as the emulator slows down a lot (20~40 fps) while using it.
  • compiler.offline.exe,
    Help build the game on Windows.
  • tools/*
    Stuff to help building and modifying Aevilia, such as a map editor.
  • doc/*
    Incomplete (largely so) documentation on the game engine.
  • images/*
    Resources, be it original copies before they are encoded in the game, or concept art.
  • corruptions/*
    Some fun the team had while messing with corruptors and this very game. Note that all of these are older builds and ~90% are unplayable.


Most programming was done by ISSOtm.

Sound engine by DevEd and Pigu, soundtrack by DevEd.

Most graphics were drawn by Kai.

Map-making by Parzival and Charmy.


Replace "@..." with "" in any of these.

  • ISSOtm : eldredhabert0@... (if you speak French, that's my main language !)
  • DevEd : deved8@...
  • Parzival : parzivalwolfram@...
  • Charmy   : amazingcharm4757@...
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