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GB ASM tutorial (v2)

Re-doing GB ASM Tutorial, and this time, until the end.


Contributing is really easy, fork this repo and edit the files in the src directory. Then, you can send your PR.

To deploy gb-asm-tutorial locally:

  1. Install Rust and mdBook. mdBook powers the book itself, Rust is used for some custom plugins.
  2. Within a terminal pointed at the directory book.toml is in, run mdBook (mdbook build / mdbook watch / mdbook serve).
  3. The HTML files are in book/custom/.

⚠️ book/html/ contains only partially processed files. This folder is what gets served when running mdbook serve, so you may see some custom markup missing if using that. As a workaround, you can manually open the files in the book/custom/ folder in your browser, they just won't auto-refresh on changes.

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting is provided within the browser, courtesy of highlight.js. RGBASM syntax is highlighted via a plugin, but this requires a custom build of highlight.js.


  1. Clone highlight.js anywhere, and go into that directory.

    You will probably want to target a specific version by checking out its tag.

  2. Run npm install to install its dependencies.

  3. Within the extras/ directory, clone highlightjs-rgbasm; ensure the directory is called rgbasm, otherwise the build tool won't pick it up.

  4. You can work on and make modifications to highlightjs-rgbasm!

  5. To make the custom build of highlight.js, within the highlight.js directory, run node tools/build.js -t browser <languages>..., with <languages>... being the list of languages to enable support for. The languages identifiers are the same that you would use for highlighting (```rgbasm, for example).

  6. Copy build/highlight.min.js as theme/highlight.js in Pan Docs' source. Alternatively, for debugging, you can use build/highlight.js for a non-minified version, but please don't commit that.

⚠️ mdbook watch and mdbook serve do not watch for changes to files in the theme/ directory, you must trigger the build by either restarting the command, or manually changing one of the watched files.


$ git clone
$ cd highlight.js
$ git checkout 10.7.2
$ npm install
$ git clone extras/rgbasm
$ node tools/build.js -t browser rgbasm shell makefile
$ cp build/highlight.min.js ../gb-asm-tutorial/theme/highlight.js


We assume the content to be in the public domain.