An online Game Boy assembly programming tutorial
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An online Game Boy assembly programming tutorial, hosted at


The "output" is located in the docs folder, which is what is served publicly. (Note: GitHub Pages only considers the master branch's docs folder.)

The .html files in that folder's root are auto-generated (and thus shouldn't be edited manually). To re-generate them, run the Python script. (May not work with Python 2).

The page's contents are located in the src folder. They are inserted into the template.html file, alongside a few other generated HTML snippets. The structure of the tutorial is contained within the structure.json file.

The structure

Each element MUST contain a leaf boolean attribute. If that attribute is true, then it is a leaf; otherwise it's not.

A leaf MUST contain the following attributes:

The page's ID; `.html` is appended to it to get the source and destination HTML page
The page's displayed name

A non-leaf MUST contain the following attributes:

The ID of the page that serves as the subtree/section's index
The list of subpages that this section contains. May contain non-leaves.
A non-leaf MAY contain the following attributes:
A list of subpages that should not be present in the tree, but still be generated nonetheless.