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<MinAgentGreyListStandings>6.5</MinAgentGreyListStandings> #59

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20:56:10 Questor: Random start delay of [5] seconds
20:56:18 Questor: EVE instance: totalMegaBytesOfMemoryUsed - 606 MB
20:56:19 AgentInteraction: Start conversation [Start Mission]
20:56:19 AgentInteraction: Waiting for conversation
20:56:25 AgentInteraction: Replying to agent
20:56:32 AgentInteraction: Waiting for mission
20:56:36 Questor: Wallet Balance Has Not Changed in [ 4 ] minutes.
20:56:38 AgentInteraction: [Agent X] standing toward me is [9,07], minAgentGreyListStandings: [-1,7]
20:56:38 AgentInteraction: Faction fitting: Default
20:56:38 AgentInteraction: Loading mission xml [Infiltrated Outposts]
20:56:38 AgentInteraction: Accepting mission [Infiltrated Outposts]
20:56:42 AgentInteraction: Saying [Accept]
20:56:42 AgentInteraction: Closing conversation
20:56:47 AgentInteraction: Done
20:56:48 Arm: Begin

I have 9.2 of standing e set greylist at 6.5 but still not work
use the last branch



MinAgentGreyListStandings = (float?)xml.Element("minGreyListStandings") ?? (float)-1.7;

so your XML needs to have


Evidentally the issue is in your character settings xml as the greylist setting isnt being read correctly in settings.cs


after looking at this again Ive corrected the setting in settings.cs and the example settings.xml to use

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