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class WebSocketMessageNotFinalised extends Exception{
public function __construct(IWebSocketMessage $msg){
parent::__construct("WebSocketMessage is not finalised!");
class WebSocketFrameSizeMismatch extends Exception{
public function __construct(IWebSocketFrame $msg){
parent::__construct("Frame size mismatches with the expected frame size. Maybe a buggy client.");
class WebSocketInvalidChallengeResponse extends Exception{
public function __construct(){
parent::__construct("Server send an incorrect response to the clients challenge!");
class WebSocketInvalidUrlScheme extends Exception{
public function __construct(){
parent::__construct("Only 'ws://' urls are supported!");
class WebSocketNotAuthorizedException extends Exception{
protected $user;
public function __construct(IWebSocketUser $user){
parent::__construct("None or invalid credentials provided!");
$this->user = $user;
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