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"severity": "medium",
"tags": {
"nist": [
"text": {
"en": {
"check": "Verify neither the \"NOPASSWD\" option nor the \"!authenticate\" option is configured for use in \"/etc/sudoers\" and associated files. Note that the \"#include\" and \"#includedir\" directives may be used to include configuration data from locations other than the defaults enumerated here.\n\n# egrep '^[^#]*NOPASSWD' /etc/sudoers /etc/sudoers.d/*\n# egrep '^[^#]*!authenticate' /etc/sudoers /etc/sudoers.d/*\n\nIf the \"NOPASSWD\" or \"!authenticate\" options are configured for use in \"/etc/sudoers\" or associated files, this is a finding.",
"fix": "Update the \"/etc/sudoers\" or other sudo configuration files to remove or comment out lines utilizing the \"NOPASSWD\" and \"!authenticate\" options.\n\n# visudo\n# visudo -f [other sudo configuration file]",
"long_description": "The \"sudo\" command allows authorized users to run programs (including shells) as other users, system users, and root. The \"/etc/sudoers\" file is used to configure authorized \"sudo\" users as well as the programs they are allowed to run. Some configuration options in the \"/etc/sudoers\" file allow configured users to run programs without re-authenticating. Use of these configuration options makes it easier for one compromised account to be used to compromise other accounts.",
"short_description": "The sudo command must require authentication."