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Manage Dism and WinPE with this program!
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Edit WINPE DISM Boot Manager ITCMD.bat

WinPE DISM-Manager

This program allows you to create and manage your WinPE drive! You can create your own portable flash drive running a customizable windows that runs your batch code on startup! This windows system runs on a temprary drive X: and has pure, unrestricted access to any hard drives on the system! (Not including encrypted hard drives).

Home Screen


  • Install the required features easily
  • Create a WINPE Drive
  • Mount and edit WinPE systems from a portable drive or from your computer
  • Back Up your WinPE settings so you can restore them
  • See what files were added or removed before unmounting (saving)
  • Install to drive
  • Convert into an iso image
  • Optional sound played on finish of any task.

Possible Uses:


  • Windows 10 or later
  • DISM system and Windows ADK (It will install these for you if you do not have them)
  • Administrator Access.

Please consider referencing IT Command ( if you use this program. While not required by license, I appreciate you keeping my name on the code.


This script triggers some antiviruses since it downloads an executable (the Windows ADK package exe straight from Microsoft) using a built in tool called bitsadmin. We guarantee that this script is not infected or created with any malicious code.

VirusTotal Link:

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