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This extension for Alfresco is obsolete and unsupported. Use it on your own risk.

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Alvex custom workflows component (deprecated since Alfresco 4.2.f)

Includes a number of workflow for Alfresco that presents features of Alvex components and can be used for generic use cases:

  • Assign a task workflow allows users to set a task or to give the instructions to a colleague. The result of the task can be reviewed by the workflow initiator.
  • Request Document Approval workflow allows to submit a document for the review. In the case of rejection of the document it can be reworked and submitted for the review again.
  • Distribute Documents workflow send documents to selected users without any control.

Compatible with Alfresco 5.1 and 5.2.

This component requires:

Using this project

Recommended way to use Alvex components is to include them as dependencies to your Maven project. Follow this guide to include this component to your project.

Build from source

To build Alvex follow this guide.