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Intro to Computational Media (Fall 2015)



Section specific info

Homework Wikis

  • Roopa, Tuesday, 9:00-11:30: Homework
  • Shiffman, Tuesday, 12:10-2:40pm: Homework
  • Shiffman, Wednesday, 12:10-2:40pm: Homework
  • Dano, Wednesday, 12:10-2:40pm: Homework
  • Shawn, Wednesday, 12:10-2:40pm: Homework
  • Lauren, Thursday, 12:10-2:40pm: Homework
  • Lauren, Thursday, 3:20-5:50pm: Homework



Extra Help

Inspirational Projects



1 -- Introduction and Drawing

2 -- Animation

3 -- Interaction

4 -- Functions: the basics

5 -- Objects and Arrays

6 -- Synthesis -- October 2nd, 11am - 2pm

  • Meet in the ITP Lounge
  • Bring your Arduino
  • All details here
  • Serial input with a callback workshop
  • "One button experience" exercise

7 -- DOM: events and callback function

8 -- Data

9 -- Video and Sound

10 -- Mobile

11 -- Other Topics + Final Project Proposals

  • See your individual section's proposal schedule on your wiki
  • Possible topics
    • more on pixels
    • more on data
    • setTimeout, setInterval
    • WebGL - tutorial

12 -- Beyond p5.js + Final Project Proposals

  • See your individual section's proposal schedule on your wiki
  • Life beyond p5.js
    • Take ICM into the spring semester courses
    • Other JS libraries?
    • Coding outside the p5 IDE? (local server tutorial)
    • local server tutorial
    • More HTML/CSS
    • What is server side programming for?
    • Processing
    • Open source
      • How do artists make and adapt tools for themselves and their communities, like Processing, p5.js, openFrameworks, etc?
    • How do you get involved with this?

13 -- One on one speed user testing / feedback

  • This week you will "user test" your project with fellow classmates. You must have some implementation that you can test completed by this time. User testing can mean different things for different projects. For a game, it can mean that the user tries to play it. For an art piece, it could mean showing it to a classmate and asking for them to say what they think it is about or how it made them feel. We'll show projects in a "one on one" / round robin / speed dating-style session. 5 minutes then switch. You cannot not explain your project, just show and let the user try it and give you feedback. Then you can answer questions. User testing schedule will be provided on a wiki.

14 -- Final Project Presentations

  • Please add your link to your final project documentation on your section's wiki.



Grades will be determined according to the following breakdown:

  • Regular Assignments 40%
  • Participation and Attendance 40%
  • Final Project 20%

Please see ITP's statement on Pass/Fail which states that a "Pass" is equivalent to an "A" or a "B" while anything less would be considered a "Fail".

We will have weekly assignments that are relevant to material from the previous class. These assignments are required and you should be prepared to show/talk about them in class. It is expected that everyone in the class will create and maintain a blog for their assignments.

Attendance is mandatory. Please inform your teacher via email if you are going to miss a class. Two unexcused absences is cause for failing the class. (An unexcused lateness of 10 minutes or more is equivalent to 1/2 an absence.)

This class will be participatory, you are expected to participate in discussions and give feedback to other students both in class and participate with their projects. This (along with attendance) is 40% of your grade.

Class will culminate with final projects. You are expected to push your abilities to produce something that utilizes what you have learned in the class that is useful in some manner to yourself or the world. This will comprise 20% of your grade.

Mantras By James

  • "Practice is the best of all instructors." - computation requires practice
  • "An agreeable companion on a journey is as good as a carriage." - look to your classmates for help too
  • "While we stop to think, we often miss our opportunity." - sometimes you need to take a leap of faith
  • "When two do the same thing, it is not the same thing after all." - encourage students with similar ideas
  • "The bow too tensely strung is easily broken." - don't get too stressed out
  • All of these are from Plubius Syrus.(42 B.C.)

Previous Years


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