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ITPMeta Changelog


  • Added twitter:card summary and summary_large_image to the plugin (System - ITPMeta Tags) that generates the tags automatically.
  • Improved System - ITPMeta Tags. Now, it makes fewer calls to the database.
  • Added functionality to remove cached tags of an URI when you add or edit a tag via the administration.


  • Added functionality that stores the tags in the cache. That will increase the performance doing fewer calls to database.
  • Added option to disable include of additional code (scripts).


  • Added support EShop.
  • Added option Auto-update Period to the plugin System - ITPMeta Tags. Use that option to set a period in which the system will not check for changes in meta tags.


  • Fixed a compatibility issue between extension and Prism library v1.10.


  • Added functionality to create tags for VirtueMart.
  • Added Twitter tag twitter:player:stream:content_type
  • Added option to extract first image from item content (description) and use it as og:image.


  • Fixed bug in the plugin System - ItpMeta.


  • Fixed some issues.


  • Improved code quality.
  • The library was rewritten.


  • Added new tags
    • books:gender
    • books:official_site
    • books:canonical_name
    • game:secret
  • Fixed several bugs.


  • Fixed the tag editor.
  • Removed dependencies from MooTools.
  • Added functionality to generate tags for CrowdFunding categories.


  • Added some new tags.
  • Added statistical information on the dashboard.
  • Added functionality to plugin "ITPMeta - Tags" to generate Dublin Core tags.
  • Added support for extension CrowdFunding, SocialCommunity, User Ideas and ITP Donate. The plugin ITPMeta Tags generates meta tags for those extensions.
  • Fixed some issues.
  • Improved.


  • It was copied all tags from Pro release to Lite one.
  • The functionality that adding urls automatically was moved from the plugin to another one.
  • Language files were moved to the component folder.
  • Added option to select default image.
  • Added option to enable and disable generating tags for extensions.
  • Improved collecting data from K2 (com_k2).
  • Improved collecting data from Cobalt.
  • Added option for generating meta description from article text, if metadesc missing.
  • Added new tags
    • Dublin Core tags.
    • OpenGraph Product
  • Some tags sections were updated with new tags.
    • Article
    • Book
    • Locale
    • Business
    • Places ( now is Place )
    • Misc
  • Fixed some issues.


  • Fix an issue with overriding Google Alternate tag.


  • Added Google Alternate (rel=alternate) meta tag.


  • Merged Tags Manager with URL form
  • Added tags og:video:url, twitter:image:src
  • Fixed some issues


  • Added Google Author and Publisher meta tags.
  • Added a new way of collecting URLs. Now they are two - Strict and Full.
  • Added filter by "Auto Update" state.
  • Fixed filter by State
  • Added Tags Manager
  • Changed interface for managing Tags.
  • Improved usability


  • Added K2 tags generator
  • Improved plugins "System - ITPMeta" and "System - ITPMeta - Tags"
  • Improved


  • Moved options from component to plugins
  • Added option "autoupdate" to urls. Now, you are able to disable updating for URLs.
  • Improved auto adding urls. Now, invalid URLs will not be added.


  • Added ordering to tags.
  • Added publishing functionality to tags.
  • Added new state for URLs - suspicious.
  • Now works with enabled magic quotes.
  • Added site verification tags for Alexa and Bing
  • Improved content plugin - added tags "Article Author", "Article Published Time", "Article Modified Time". Now it collects information about categories and creates tags.
  • The content plugin was removed. Now the plugin "System - ITPMeta - Tags" is used for generating tags for Joomla! Content (com_content).
  • Improved


  • Added Open Graph Music tags
  • Added Plugin that generates tags for extension Content (com_content)
  • Improved


  • Added a functionality that collect links automatically.
  • Added a functionality that generate canonical URL automatically.
  • Added new OpenGraph tags
  • Facebook restrictions tags
  • article tags
  • book tags
  • music tags
  • profile tags
  • new image tags
  • new video tags
  • Added options using to setup the loading of namespace schemes
  • Improved


  • Ported to Joomla! 2.5
  • Added global tags
  • Added a new video tag - og:secure_url
  • Added a locale tags - og:locale, og:locale:alternate
  • Improved


  • Added Open Graph URL tag
  • Improved


  • Fixed a bug in the plugin