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UserIdeas Changelog


  • [New] Added content events onContentBeforeDisplay and onContentAfterDisplay on view Items.
  • [New] Added functionality for uploading files and attaching them to an item or comment.
  • [New] Added functionality to select filesystem where you would like to upload the files - local filesystem or Amazon S3.
  • [New] Added option to convert votes counter to a button. Users will be able to vote for an item clicking on the counter. You will find the option in plugin System - UserIdeas Votes and module UserIdeas Items.
  • [New] Added subcategories on view Category.
  • [New] Added view Categories.
  • [Improvement] Improved all modules and plugins.
  • [Improvement] Improved the performance. It was removed duplicated calls to database and some data was cached.
  • [Fixed] Error occurs if there are no comments.
  • [Fixed] User has permissions to edit an item but he cannot do it, if it is an item created by another user.
  • [Fixed] Item tags are removed when an item be saved on front-end.
  • [Fixed] Issues with records by anonymous users and given permissions.


  • Improved items sorting.


  • It was fixed an issue with preparing items parameters.


  • It was fixed an issue with author's name when User Ideas is not integrated with third-party community extension.


  • Added option to enter alternate page where the user will be redirected to log into the website.
  • Fixed item deleting. Delete comments and votes when delete an item.
  • Fixed the item form on the administration.
  • It was made the helpers compatible with Prism Library 1.12.
  • Fix and issue with PrepareTagsHelper.


  • It was fixed compatibility issue with Prism Library 1.10.
  • Added options in component global configuration.
  • Added access options.
  • It was implemented ACL functionality.


  • Fixed bug with initialization of vote button in the module UserIdeas Items.


  • Added tags to the categories and the items.
  • Added options to the items on the form where create an item.
  • Added class Userideas\Item\Items to the library.


  • Improved code quality.
  • Fixed bug with the library folder name (renamed from /libraries/userideas to /libraries/UserIdeas).


  • Replaced ITPrism Library with Prism Library.
  • It was done to use Bootstrap 3.
  • Integrated with Easy Profile.
  • Integrated with Community Builder.
  • Added order by votes.


  • Fixed issue #22.
  • Integrated with Easy Social.


  • Fixed category manager permissions.


  • Added option to select redirection when a user post an item.
  • Added option to select what you would like to display as a name of item create - name or username.
  • It was moved the items option to menu options of items list and category.
  • Added option for description length on category and items list views.
  • Added permissions. Now, you are able to manage actions of user groups.
  • It is possible anonymous users to post items and to write comments.
  • Added captcha to forms.


  • Fixed some issues.
  • Improved code quality.
  • Improved UserIdeas Library ( the API ).
  • Added option to enable and disable Chosen for drop down elements.


  • Added option to the plugin "Content - User Ideas - Admin Mail", the administrator to receive notification e-mail when someone post a new comment.
  • Added option for CSS style class to statuses. Now, they can be styled.
  • Added statistical information on dashboard.


  • Added content events "onAfterDisplay", "onBeforeDisplay", "onContentPrepare"
  • Improved routers.
  • Added a new view that lists all items.
  • Added statuses.
  • Ported to Joomla! 3
  • Changed the type of the field description with editor.
  • Fixed some issues.


  • Added plugin Content - User Ideas - Admin Mail


  • Fixed some issues
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