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Ninja is Now Just Awesome - a modern web GUI for Naemon
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Ninja - Ninja is Now Just Awesome

Ninja is a modern web GUI for Naemon. Here is what it can look like:

  • Dashboard for new users: Dashboard for new users
  • An Availability report: An Availability report
  • Object listing, a.k.a. list view: Object listing, a.k.a. list view
  • A single object's properties: A single object's properties


Ninja requires the following system software to be installed:

  • php 5.3+
  • php-mysql
  • php-cli 5.3+
  • MySQL 5+
  • wkhtmltopdf (optional, used for PDF reports)

It also requires the following software:


Ninja is a web application mainly written in php so in short words the installation goes something like this:

  1. Download a release tarball from, or by checking out the project via git.

  2. Put Ninja and all of its files so that they are accessible from a webserver. Make sure that all Ninja requirements are installed, and that both the Merlin and the Livestatus broker modules are loaded by Naemon.

  3. Within the Ninja directory, type make and make install.

  4. Copy the Ninja dir to a suitable location. Will vary between installations.

    cp -a ninja /var/www/html/

    Ninja sadly mixes its static assets and PHP files (patches are welcome), so copying everything into the webroot is the common choice; rewriting a lot of paths is another choice. If you successfully get away with the second approach, email us (email address is mentioned later on) and we will buy you a beer.

  5. Configure your webserver. We provide an example config file for apache located at op5build/ninja.httpd-conf. The example below works for CentOS and RedHat.

    cp ninja/op5build/ninja.httpd-conf /etc/httpd/conf.d/ninja-httpd.conf
    vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/ninja-httpd.conf
    service httpd restart
  6. Configure Ninja.

    Edit the database connection settings in ninja/application/config/database.php and the path to the livestatus socket in /etc/op5/livestatus.yml There are more configuration files located in ninja/application/config/ but you should normally not require to edit them, the same goes for ninja/index.php which contains config regarding error reporting and general paths to Ninja's files.

    If you want to use Ninja over http instead of https you should copy ninja/application/config/cookie.php to ninja/application/config/custom/ and change $config['secure'] = true; to false.

  7. Setup the db tables required for Ninja by executing


  8. Configure /etc/op5/*.yml files; livestatus.yml should point to your livestatus socket. Look at the other files so they match your system.

  9. Point your browser to https://yourip/ninja and try your installation.

Congratulations! You now (hopefully) have a working Ninja installation

Questions, feedback, patches

All form of communication is welcomed at op5's mailinglist, A subscription is needed in order to post, see

Check out for more info about Ninja.

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