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Simple Nanoleaf plugin for Pimatic using nanoleaf-aurora-client

Status of implementation

This version supports the following

  • Turn on and off aurora light

Plugin Configuration

Plugin section:

      "plugin": "nanoleaf",
      "active": true

Device section:

      "IP": "<IP>",
      "Token": "uZ4UKQ05jkFCn6jllYjOo8srMUGuIXgB",
      "id": "Nanoleaf",
      "name": "Nanoleaf",
      "class": "LightAurora",
      "Interval": 3000

How to get a API Token

  1. Press the Power Key on your Hub for 5-7 sec. until the yellow light is blinking.
  2. Do a post request to the following URL (using Postman or something similar): http://IP:16021/api/beta/new
  3. You should find the Token in the body section.

To do

  • Add a dimmer
  • Add a colorpicker
  • Add a effectpicker


Version 0.0.4

- package.json
- Increased timeout for status poll to 5 sec

Version 0.0.3

- package.json
- Missing device-config.json
- Better naming for device (Device musst be recreated)