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Update Atmosphere cfw from within your switch!



Download the the latest release from here.

Move the downloaded .nro onto you nintendo switch sd card inside the folder /switch/atmosphere-updater.

That's it!


The app currently has 5 main options.

Full Atmosphere Update:

  • Downloads the latest Atmosphere release and installs everything from that release.

Update Atmosphere, not overwriting .ini files:

  • Downloads the latest Atmosphere release and installs everything from that release ignoring .ini files.
  • This option will still install any missing .ini files, ensuring that the update will function correctly.

Update Hekate:

  • Installs the latest release of Hekate.
  • Option to install latest Atmosphere as well, when selecting update Hekate.
  • If option to update Hekate + Atmosphere is selected, the new fusee-primary.bin is copied to /bootloader/payloads/fusee-primary.bin.
  • Replaces /atmosphere/reboot_payload.bin with the new Hekate payload.
  • Copies new Hekate payload to /bootloader/update.bin.

Update App:

  • Downloads the latest version of this app straight from github!
  • Deletes the previous old version.

Reboot (reboot to payload):

  • Reboots the switch, loading the payload from /atmosphere/reboot_payload.bin.
  • This is recommended after install Atmosphere.
  • Updating Atmosphere / Hekate automatically includes the needed reboot_payload.bin.

Special Thanks!

toph for the design of the app icon, as well as the most icons used within the app!

Black Rabbit for the design of the plus and error icon (and the idea for this app)!

bandithedoge for the background!

KrankRival for the initial sys / ams version pr (and for motivating me to work on touch controls)!


Feel free to support me on patreon, I would really appreciate it!

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