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Weave (Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment)
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.idea updated IDEA settings
GeometryStreamConverter fixed bug handling polygons with multiple rings
JTDS_SqlServerDriver Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into pkovac
WeaveAPI added interfaces and IPlotter TODO comments related to VisToolGroup
WeaveAdmin improved gui for setting database config info
WeaveClient updated obesity.xml
WeaveCore allowing colon notation for deprecated class lookups
WeaveData removed unsessioned name property
WeaveDesktop updated version number
WeaveExamplePlugin VideoTool: Preserve aspect ratio on resize, removed some redundant va…
WeaveMobileClient Created DrawUtils.clearLineStyle() and used it everywhere.
WeaveServices fixed bug handling polygons with multiple rings
WeaveServletUtils fixed eclipse warning
WeaveUI ColumnListComponent now uses alpha icon
WeaveUISpark avoiding excess ILinkableVariable toggle
.gitignore Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into pkovac Updated documentation to reflect build script changes. Update
Weave.sublime-project Added Sublime project config for Weave; Broke up some of GraphPlotter… Updated build system to (finally) support the AIR target.
build.xml No longer have default build depend on the desktop build.

Weave: Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment -

License: MPL 2.0

Issue Tracker & Wiki:

Developer documentation:

Nightly build:

Components in this repository:

  • WeaveAPI: ActionScript interface classes.
  • WeaveCore: Core sessioning framework.
  • WeaveData: Data framework. Non-UI features.
  • WeaveUISpark: User interface classes (Spark components).
  • WeaveUI: User interface classes (Halo components).
  • WeaveClient: Flex application for Weave UI.
  • WeaveDesktop: Adobe AIR application front-end for Weave UI.
  • WeaveAdmin: Flex application for admin activities.
  • WeaveServletUtils: Back-end Java webapp libraries.
  • WeaveServices: Back-end Java webapp for Admin and Data server features.
  • GeometryStreamConverter: Java library for converting geometries into a streaming format. Binary included in WeaveServices/lib.
  • JTDS_SqlServerDriver: Java library for handling connections to Microsoft SQL Server. Binary included in WeaveServletUtils/lib.

The bare minimum you need to build Weave is Flex 4.5.1.A and Java EE. However, we recommend the following setup:

To build the projects on the command line, use the build.xml Ant script. To create a ZIP file for deployment on another system (much like the nightlies,) use the dist target.

See for detailed linux install instructions.

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