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XA support in jTDS
This version of jTDS includes a XADataSource class which allows the driver to
be used with J2EE servers that only support XA JDBC connections. The class name
is net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbcx.JtdsDataSource.
By default the driver will emulate distributed transactions fooling the J2EE
environment into believing that two phase commit is supported. This emulation
has the serious drawback that when used in a true distributed environment, the
driver may not be able to commit or rollback when requested by the transaction
manager. In this situation data loss or corruption can occur.
In general this emulation is safe to use when jTDS is the only transactional
resource manager or where the database is read only and never updated.
Emulation is much faster than support for true distributed transactions and
this may be another reason to consider using the driver in this mode if the
risks are understood.
Many J2EE servers provide their own XA emulations that allow the normal
net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver to be used. The recommendation is to use the
vendor's emulation, if available, rather than the XADataSource as this
configuration is likely to be more stable.
The driver will support true distributed transactions with MS SQL2000 provided
that the extended stored procedure in JtdsXA.dll is installed in the target
server. To disable the XA emulation and use the stored procedure, set the
connection property "xaemulation" to "false". This implementation is very
immature and cannot be recommended for production use at this stage. It may
however be useful for development when true two phase commit support is
Another connection property, "LogFile" has been added to JtdsDataSource which
allows the jTDS logging to be enabled in a J2EE environment. The parameter
value specifies the output file path for the logging information.
Two example configurations for the popular JBoss server are included in the
conf directory. One configuration uses the Driver interface and the server's XA
emulation the other shows how to use the driver's XA support in either emulated
or real mode.
Installing JtdsXA.dll
For true distributed transaction support JtdsXA.dll has to be installed on the
server. The installation procedure consists of two simple steps:
1. Copy JtdsXA.dll from the XA directory to the <SQL_Server_Root>/binn
directory of the SQL Server installation.
2. From the command prompt run the following command in the directory where
you extracted jTDS:
isql -Usa -P<sa_password> -S<server_name_or_ip> -iXA\instjtds.sql
Alternatively, use any DB tool (such as Query Analyzer or any JDBC tool) to
execute the script within the 'master' database. Don't forget to log in as
This will install the xp_jtdsxa extended stored procedure, used by jTDS to
provide true distributed transacition support.
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