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Moon's Fandom Festival

Powered by MGA (Mini Graphic Adventure engine, by Iadvd) + MK1 (La Churrera by The Mojon Twins) and copyleft Iadvd under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

(A presentation in Spanish of this game is available at this link

This folder contains the game Moon's Fandom Festival, in three versions: the Android TCP/IP Virtual Joystick compatible version (English) and two classical versions in English and Spanish for those who do not have the Spectranet compatible TCP/IP Virtual Joystick.

This is a first release, is you find bugs please let us know (should be fine, we have tested it, but who knows...)

alt text

Technical details:

Game concept: Iadvd (remembering the 80s and 90s).

Loading and Title Screens: Iadvd.

Sprites and Tiles: Iadvd (characters, sprites and tiles), using some specific tiles from La Churrera games by The Mojon Twins.

Music: Iadvd.

Sounds: BeepFX (by Shiru).

Version: Spectrum 48K (or greater in 48K mode).

Powered by MGA by Iadvd + La Churrera by The Mojon Twins and splib2 by Alvin Albrecht:

Dylan Smith's Spectranet compatible:

Iadvd's Android TCP/IP Virtual Joystick compatible:

Uses aPPack decompressor by dwedit, adapted by Utopian & optimized by Metalbrain Music tracks composed in Beepola

alt text


Moon is a retrocomputing ace, the queen of the ZX Spectrum homebrew games! She has been invited to the Petunia Town Fandom Festival, a very 80's-90's retro festival where the stands are related with movies and tv series of those decades.

Everything is ready for the first day! Moon is going to show her brand new game, indeed named "Moon's Fandom Festival".

Everything is well until she goes to the locker where her beloved ZX Spectrum 48k and her new game are... but, oh! she has forgotten the digital password!!!

Fortunately, the colleages of the other stands can help... but initially they are not very friendly. Moon will have to gain their respect if she wants to recover the password.

These are the owners of the other stands:

  • Bob (Pwin Teaks fan): nobody nows very much about him. He speaks a kind of own language that nobody understands. He knows all about the 80's TV show "Pwin Teaks". Really strange and weird...

  • Germione (Parry Hotter fan): the little Germione is a very keen girl that wants to become a sorcerer. She goes everywhere with her cat, Wiskers. He is usually on her head, but Wiskers doesn't seem to mind it!

  • Koji Bakuto (Zazinger-M fan): well yeah, he is the heroe of the day. Koji is a very brave, and sometimes painfully rude, teenager. He loves the "mechas" (Japanese style robots) and he knows all about them.

  • Dick Reckard (Rade Blunner fan): if you want to know about the Lepricants, well, he is the man. For some reason he suspects everybody, and probably will not be your friend until he truly knows that you are human!

  • Zork (X-Flies fan): little is known about this green man, except that he is green. He is very cynical and hates plastic.

  • John Doe (Nuck Chorris fan): very shy, he knows almost all the Nuck Chorris facts, the martial arts legend. He looks like him very much...indeed too much! It all seems very suspicious...

alt text

The Game

You can walk along the circular room where the festival is held, to your left or right, it does not matter, you will finish in the same place after a while. There you will find the six stands of your colleagues and your own stand. There are also a very famous hamburguer restaurant and the restroom, but you need an access card to open the doors!

You need to gain the respect of your colleagues. For this purpose, you will have to do several tasks:

  • Friendship: if you want them to become your friend, you need to show that you know about their favorite themes. Read pamphlets, books, and speak with the fans that are scattered along the event. The random fans are having fun near the stands, just stop and speak with them. They will give you new pieces of knowledge. Then try to talk about that new knowledge that you have learnt with your colleagues (Bob, Germione, Koji, Dick, Zork or John) until you find the one interested on that information.

  • Needed object: each one of your colleagues needs a special object that you have to find. The objects are hidden into the file cabinets. You will need to search here and there until you find them. You can bring the objects in your pockets, but only three at a time. There are useless objects too, it is not going to be easy! You will need to find also an access card to open the restaurant and the restroom doors!!

  • Give them food: a hungry friend is not very friendly, make them happy giving them the food they like... well, not everybody likes the same things, you know.

  • Icon task: once you finish the other tasks, finally you will need to put back the main objects (named icons) of each stand to their respective places.

If you do all those tasks, you will be able to go to the lockers and get your Speccy and your brand new game!! Then, just go to your stand, sit and enjoy!

Hint 1: There are two good endings, that you can select at the Main menú: Nihilist and Recurrent. You can play the game twice and see the different endings.

Hint 2: well, you can also finish the game when somebody gets angry with you... check the different endings!!

Hint 3: the knowledge that the fans have is different from the knowledge that you can adquire by reading pamphlets or magazines, so speak with the fans too!

Hint 4: please be patient, sometimes it is difficult to find a specific knowledge to finish the Friendship task, or is difficult to find the needed object that a colleague is looking for. Please insist and do not worry, you eventually will find them all, although sometimes will take longer to find it!

alt text

How to play the .tap file?

If you do not have an Android TCP/IP device just open the file MoonsFandomFestival_by_iadvd_2019_classic_en_ver.tap in your Spectrum emulator (mode 48K) and have fun! If you have a real Spectrum 48K or greater, and you have a .tap loading peripheral, you can load this game too! If you want to use an Android device as a wireless joystick do as follows:

  1. Install Fuse ZX Spectrum emulator (use the emulation of the 48K version) + Spectranet emulator. If Spectranet is correctly installed you will get a local IP for the Spectrum. You will need to verify that the computer is not using a firewall or at least that the port 8081 is open and available to be used for a TCP/IP protocol connection. And of course: if you are the lucky possesor of a real Spectrum 48k machine (or greater version) and a real Spectranet peripheral, then you can also continue to step 2!!

  2. Download MoonsFandomFestival_by_iadvd_2019_Spectranet_AndroidTCPIPVJoystick_ver.tap and load it into Fuse. You will see in the title screen the option 4 (Android Joystick), which is the Android TCP/IP Virtual Joystick option. If you press 4, the game will wait for you to launch the Android TCP/IP Virtual Joystick application and press its welcome screen OK button. This will make the Virtual Joystick application to connect to the game!. Now you can play normally with your wireless joystick. And again, if you are the lucky possesor of a real Spectrum + Spectranet (not an emulation) then you will need any program able to conver the .tap file into a wav / sound file, so you can load it through the EAR input in the classical way, or if you have a .tap loader device in the expansion port, just copy the .tap file to your peripheral and load it to memory from there.

Remark: If you want to use the file server available with the Android TCP/IP Virtual Joystick, follow the instructions in this link (and you can use the moon.tap or moonA.tap files there, they are the same .tap files but with a shorter name: radeblunnere2A.tap is compatible with the Android TCP/IP Virtual Joystick and the other one only uses Keyboard, Kempston or Sinclair emulations):

  1. Now launch (if it is not already launched!) your Android TCP/IP Virtual Joystick application. Your Android device must be in the same local network (using WiFi) than the computer where the Fuse emulator is or the ZX Spectrum connected through Spectranet is. The application will ask you the IP that Spectranet is using (or if you do not know it you can write an IP of the same local network to start searching from it).

  2. When the Virtual Joystick app. arrives to the IP that is using Spectranet, the game wil detect the joystick and connect to it. The game's Main menú will appear.

  3. At the main menú, please select option 4, and the virtual joystick will be available. The controls are:

    O / joystick left: walk left.

    P / joystick right: walk right.

    SPACE / joystick fire (Red or Green button): action / select.

    A / joystick down: select an option from the TALK/GIVE menú.

  4. If you close the Android application, the connection is lost. You will need to load again the game and start from step 2.

alt text

For developers: How to compile/reuse the .tap file again? (not required to play the game)

  1. In your Z88dk folder (e.g. C:\z88dk10) copy the contents of this folder. You should be using The Mojon Twins adapted version of the compiler (all credits to The Mojon Twins):

  1. If you want to compile the Spectranet+Android TCP/IP Virtual Joystick version, the last line in "config.h" file must be uncommented:

#define ANDROID_TCP_IP // Spectranet Android TCP/IP Joystick

  1. If you want to compile the "classic" (keyboard, Kempston Joystick, Sinclair Joustick only) version, the last line in "config.h" file must commented out:

//#define ANDROID_TCP_IP // Spectranet Android TCP/IP Joystick

  1. Use "make.bat moon" command to create again the .tap file if you wish so.

alt text

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