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Exolete lattice Boltzmann scripts

A tiny repository to share lattice Boltzmann code from

This code has been shared via web pages since just before Linus started writing git. As people continue to find it useful, I'm updating the method of sharing so that it is slightly easier to find, pickup and play with.

This code is concise - they are simple numerical simulations, completely omitting even functional decomposition let alone unit tests.

Explanations of the code are available at:

  • for the matlab scripts lbm.m, lbmval.m and lbm3d.m
  • for lbm_mpi.cpp, a vintage C++ with MPI approach to distributed-memory parallelisation of lattice Boltzmann. Although the style of the code is slightly outdated, the method is still clearly presented. Read it on this single-sheet of paper

This specific implementation of the numerical method is described in a fairly leisurely, but necessarily numerical, fashion at

Reactive flow modelled with lattice Boltzmann

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