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Project Part 1 - Internet and Databases

Lecture Notes

Lectures notes available via Google Drive

Installation Instructions

You have already installed Julia for the previous classes. First, update your package database with Pkg.update(), then add the following packages:

  • HttpServer
  • SQLite

You can do this with the Pkg.add() command.

Note for Mac users

HttpServer requires a C compiler (clang) to install properly. To check if this is available on your machine, at the Terminal run

>> clang

If this returns clang: error: no input files, then you have the necessary compiler. Otherwise, you need to install the Xcode command line tools. On newer versions of OSX, this can be done by running

>> xcode-select --install

and following the prompts. On older versions, you may need to install the entire Xcode application, which can be found here. Contact if you need help with this.


You need to test each package individually.

  1. We will turn the stations.csv Hubway data into a SQLite database. Run create_db.jl to do this.
  2. Next we will run test_db.jl. Please submit the output of this file.
  3. Now run test_http.jl. You should get a message like "Listening on 8000..." (Windows users: click allow if a firewall diaglog pops up.)
  4. Open a webbrowser and go to http://localhost:8000/nameservice/yourname. Submit the text you see.

Please combine both submissions together!