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import pyudev # python library for libudev which is api for enumerating and introspecting local devices
import time # helps playing with time
import os # helps playing with operating system itself
import subprocess # helps playing with processes
context = pyudev.Context()
monitor = pyudev.Monitor.from_netlink(context)
i = 0 # to count storage devices
mount_locs = [] # stores mountpoints of already mounted usb
for device in iter(monitor.poll, None):
if device.action == 'add':
time.sleep(15) # giving some time to get the device ready
usb_devices = [] # stores inserted devices 'partitions'
for device in context.list_devices(MAJOR='8', subsystem='block'): # looping through usb partitions
if (device.device_type == 'partition'):
usb_devices.append("{}".format(device.device_node)) # adding a partition to usb_devices list
print("Found {}".format(device.device_node))
if len(usb_devices) != 0:
for stick in usb_devices:
# finding mountpoint of a partition
execute = 'lsblk -o name,mountpoint | grep {}'.format(stick[-4:])
output = subprocess.check_output(execute, shell=True)
# if partition not mounted, then,
if b'/home/ubuntu/smb-devices/storage' not in output: # b'string' because what we have in output is bytecode
if len(mount_locs) >= 1:
for m in mount_locs:
# checking for not used mountpoints
check = "ls -l {} || echo 'Input/output error'".format(m)
os.system(check + "> /home/ubuntu/mount_loc_output.txt")
if os.path.exists('/home/ubuntu/mount_loc_output.txt'):
dump = open('/home/ubuntu/mount_loc_output.txt')
error =
# if unused mountpoint found, unmount that
if 'Input/output error' in error:
print('Umount: {}'.format(m))
os.system('sudo umount {}'.format(m))
# if the script is instally starting, abandon all existing unused mount points
if len(mount_locs) == 0:
os.system('sudo umount /home/ubuntu/smb-devices/*')
# failsafe: unmount & check & delete
print('Umount: /home/ubuntu/smb-devices/storage{}'.format(i))
os.system('sudo umount /home/ubuntu/smb-devices/storage{}'.format(i))
os.system('find /home/ubuntu/smb-devices/. -type d -empty -delete')
# create a mount point with storage{0,1,2,...,n}
print('Create: /home/ubuntu/smb-devices/storage{}'.format(i))
os.system('mkdir /home/ubuntu/smb-devices/storage{}'.format(i))
mount_locs.append('/home/ubuntu/smb-devices/storage{}'.format(i)) # save created mountpoint to mount_locs list
print('Added /home/ubuntu/smb-devices/storage{} to mounted locations.'.format(i))
os.system('sudo mount {} /home/ubuntu/smb-devices/storage{}'.format(stick, i)) #finally mount the partition
print('Mounted {} on /home/ubuntu/smb-devices/storage{}'.format(stick, i))
i = i + 1 # increase i to create storage1 after 0, 2 after 1,...n+1 after n.
# if the partitions is already mounted, ignore remount
print('Already mounted: {}'.format(stick))