A template and example blueprint for Mozilla's RelengAPI
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Mozilla Releng API Example Blueprint

This is an example blueprint and project skeleton for Mozilla Release Engineering's API. It should serve as a good starting point for any new Releng API services.


  • Create a virtualenv and activate it.
  • Install the main build-relengapi application into the virtualenv. (install_relengapi.sh will do this for you)
  • export RELENGAPI_SETTINGS=$PWD/settings.py in the build-relengapi repository.
  • pip install -e . to install the current application
  • relengapi serve

Setting up authentication & permissions

Some auth is simple binary, logged in-or-out logic. This is provided by the login_required decorator from flask.ext.login. You can see it in use at the /example/needlogin endpoint.

Granular access-level permissions are handled by Flask-Principal. You can see an example of creating a permission with the /example/needpermission endpoint. To give yourself access to this endpoint you'll need to edit settings.py pointed to by $RELENGAPI_SETTINGS. The RELENGAPI_PERMISSIONS should look similar to the below:

    'type': 'static',
    'permissions': {
        'iconnolly@mozilla.com': ['example.view.perm_example'],

More documentation on authentication in Releng API blueprints can be gotten here.

Relengapi Documentation

More detailed information on the Mozilla Releng API can be found in its repo and much more can be found in its documentation.


  • Database Example