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CrashBurnFree is a free crash reporting tool for Java (and potentially other languages). The name is a pun, as (a) it’s free to use and modify and (b) one over-arching goal of Software Checking Tools is to free you from crashing and burning…​ But you know you will anyway…​ occasionally…​

It is composed of the following sub-directories, each of which is both a Maven project and an Eclipse/M2E project (the Eclipse project names begin with "crashburnfree-" instead of "java"):

  1. javalibrary - a bit o' common code;

  2. javaclient - the Java client code and demo; no external dependencies;

  3. javaserver - an implementation of a Java EE (REST JAXRS) server

The library and client are free of external dependencies, to avoid conflicts (it writes JSON directly instead of choosing one of the two dozen Java-based JSON toolsets, because that will surely lead to conflicts). The server uses the parser because, well, you have to do a deployment there anyway.


The software works.

At least in the sense that it converts a Throwable into JSON, sends it via REST, and re-constructs it such that printStackTrace() gives the same output on the sending client and the receiving server implementation. Speaking of implementation, implementation of actual notification (email the dev team?) is left as an exercise for the reader.

There is always more elaboration and refactoring one could do, some of which is listed in the TODO file.


The maximally minimalistic Java Crash Reporting System.







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