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Collected code examples from the O'Reilly Java Cookbook 3d Edn
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JavaCook Source Files (javasrc)

  • You MUST HAVE Java 8 to successfully compile this whole package.

  • Building with Eclipse tested with Eclipse 4.3; MUST HAVE "m2e" (free in the Eclipse Marketplace) Compiles and most tests pass; those with Hamcrest fail for me due to an obscure conflict: java.lang.SecurityException: class "org.hamcrest.Matchers"'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package

  • Building with Maven 3.x works and all tests pass.

  • Building with other platforms? Good luck, but let me know if it works.

    1. This is now built for Java 8. Sorry if you are on some relic platform that doesn’t have Java 8 or some environment in which Java 8 is not yet "approved", but the world has moved on; Java 6 is a relic, is deprecated, and has been EOL’d by Oracle. "He’s dead, Jim." Java 7 is on life support; Java 8 is current. I have updated the Java Cookbook for Java 8 and these files are the examples for that book. You might be able to compile for Java 7 with a large excludes list, but you’re on your own if you do that. "Always in motion the Java is."

    2. This project has been reorganized so that the source is in the subdirectory src/main/java, where most modern tools including Maven, Gradle, and others, expect them to be.

    3. The Java files are in Java packages whose name corresponds to the directory they are in (this is how most tools including Ant and Eclipse expect to find things).

    4. The index-bychapter file is substantially out of date since the packagification "flag day". index-byname.html is reasonably up-to-date.

    5. I am using Eclipse for most of my development, and Maven for building, and Jenkins for automated building. Any Ant scripts you find are out of date and unsupported! If you happen to get them working and want them to stick around, please send me a pull request against the git repo.

    6. An unspecified number of files here are used in the Java Cookbook. Those that have been converted to the newest publishing software at O’Reilly will have "// BEGIN" and "// END" comments to mark sections for mechanical inclusion into the book. These are just comments and can be completely ignored by people looking at the source code normally. Not all files with these comments necessarily appear in the book.

Ian Darwin

Java Cookbook author

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