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Why should you have to write a dozen or more lines of XML just to load a web page and check its content? PageUnit’s mission is to provide a very easy-to-use web page functional testing mechanism, using a "little language" tailored for this purpose.

While it was developed in Java, it can be used to test web pages written in any language. Think of pageunit as an easier web testing framework, written in Java, based on JUnit style of testing and very simple input language.

See for information on how to use.

Do not use the V command; in some cases it goes into an infinite loop.

To build and package for command-line use:

  1. mvn package assembly:single

  2. copy the uber-jar target/pageunit-1.0.2-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar to someplace on your path, e.g., cp target/pageunit-1.0.2-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar ~/lib

  3. Run it as java -jar ~/lib/pageunit-1.0.2-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar fileName […​] (the script in scripts does this).

Of course the version number will change over time; use th' latest.


Improve documentation.

Add a 'Head' command (maybe I for "IsItThere?") to send HEAD instead of GET.

Options: set timeout time. (maybe U for "timeoUt and other options"

On ERROR, skip tests until B or H.

Create a JUnit4 Test Runner class that uses ScriptTestRunner (or its guts), so can say:

public class TestWeb {
	// no parameters, it finds all *.txt files in "."
	// Optional
	public List<String> files() {...}
	public String dir() {...}

Simplify code: all those trivial HTML things don’t need to be Interface+Impl. etc


An easier web testing framework




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