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Example code from the Android User Interface Design, 2nd Edition book
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Android User Interface Design, Second Edition

This repository contains the code examples from the book Android User Interface Design: Implementing Material Design for Developers, 2nd Edition (ISBN-10: 0134191404; ISBN-13: 978-0134191409). You can buy the book from any retail bookstore or online store such as Amazon.

The code in this repository is organized into directories based on chapters/appendices. Directories are not included for chapters that do not have code examples to include. When a chapter covers multiple apps, the individual apps are in their own subdirectories within the chapter directory.

Book Table of Contents

  • Part 1: The Basics of Android User Interfaces
  • Chapter 1: Android UI and Material Design
  • Chapter 2: Understanding Views -- The UI Building Blocks
  • Chapter 3: Creating Full Layouts with View Groups and Fragments
  • Chapter 4: Adding App Graphics and Resources
  • Part 2: The Full Design and Development Process
  • Chapter 5: Starting a New App
  • Chapter 6: Prototyping and Developing the App Foundation
  • Chapter 7: Designing the Visuals
  • Chapter 8: Applying the Design
  • Chapter 9: Polishing with Animations
  • Part 3: Advanced Topics for Android User Interfaces
  • Chapter 10: Using Advanced Techniques
  • Chapter 11: Working with the Canvas and Advanced Drawing
  • Chapter 12: Developing Custom Views
  • Chapter 13: Handling Input and Scrolling
  • Appendix A: Google Play Assets
  • Appendix B: Common Task Reference

Issues Compiling

If you run into the error "Failed to crunch file" while building one of the projects (such as CircularRevealTransition), it may be due to the path being too long. For additional details, see Issue 2.

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