This is a demonstration application that can build and search a database of information about books. The application uses Spring and DynamoDB.
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The Book Search demonstration application is a full stack web application that allows the user to build and search a database of information about books. This application demonstrates how the Spring framework (in this case, Spring Boot and Spring MVC) can be used to build an application that uses AWS DynamoDB to store and search information. The Book Search application uses Java Server Page (JSP) server side rendering to build the web pages and display database search results.

Please see the Spring and DynamoDB publication on the Topstone Software consulting web site.

Code Highlights

This demonstration application includes code to create Amazon Web Services DynamoDB tables. The DynamoDB service code includes support for reading, writing and updating DynamoDB tables.

As with a lot of Amazon Web Services features, Amazon documentation is never as complete as I would like. I hope that this code will be a useful resource for those who are writing Java code that makes use of DynamoDB.