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The responsive CSS animation framework for creating unique sliders, presentations, banners, and other step-based applications.
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Sequence - The Responsive Slider with Advanced CSS3 Transitions

Sequence provides the complete functionality for a website slider without forcing you to use a set theme. In fact, Sequence has no in-built theme, leaving you complete creative control to build a unique slider using only CSS3 -- no jQuery knowledge required!


  • Unique transition styles created using CSS3
  • Supports all modern browsers
  • Gracefully degrades in older browsers*
  • Supports responsive layouts
  • Supports touch devices and swiping
  • Many developer features with even more to come
  • Semantic and easy to use markup
  • Open source

*Tested down to Firefox 3.6 and IE7. Extensive support details to come.

Theme Demos


Documentation can be found here: SequenceJS Demo.


Sequence's browser testing environment is provided by BrowerStack.

Browser Stack


@Ian Lunn


sequence.js is a FREE script and is licensed under the following:

Theme files, their HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery and images are licensed under the following unless otherwise stated:, the sequence.js script and its dependencies are © 2012 - 2013 Ian Lunn Design unless otherwise specified.

Full license information can be found on the website.

Support Future Development

To support the future development of Sequence.js and other open source projects created by Ian Lunn, please consider making a donation.

Your donation is not-for-profit (or beer!), and will allow Ian to spend a little less time on client projects and more time supporting and creating open source software.

Thank you.


Bitcoin donations may be sent to the following address:


Purchase a premium theme:

If you'd like to support Sequence.js, please consider purchasing a premium theme from Whether you need the theme or not, we thank you for your genoristy! We're open about our premium licenses so if you think a friend, colleague or client could make use of the theme instead, feel free to pass it on.

Why purchase a premium theme and not just make a donation? We'd like to give you something a little extra to say thanks! A payment of support is made through PayPal (don't worry, you don't need a PayPal account), so it keeps them and our accountants happy too -- because they're not keen on "donations".

If you'd rather not give up your hard-earned money but still want to show your support, we like to receive your feedback, ideas and opinions too.

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