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ie9 hangs on preloader #129

onebitrocket opened this Issue · 21 comments

6 participants

Matt Tunney Ian Lunn Max Malm pauld123 Gruber Matt Reed
Matt Tunney

Hi Ian,

I'm finding that sequence seems to stop/hang at the preloader in ie9 on windows 7.

I've check the versions on and they all seem to stall at the preloader.
Sliding Horizontal Parallax will sometimes load if I refresh and clear the cache

The three preloader circles all flash, but nothing else happens.

Is there any other info I can give you to help diagnose this issue?


Matt Tunney

I've done a little more testing.

It seems when you first go to the url, sequence will hang at preload.
If i refresh (F5), seqence works.
If i 'force refresh' (CTRL + F5), sequnces stops at the preloader again.

If I set preloader: false, sequence works in ie9 perfectly.

Ian Lunn

Hmph. Had a lot of trouble with this before but I thought it was fixed in 1.7.3. Weirdly, I can't get reproduce in W7/IE9 but somebody else has reported the same.

I'll have a lot more time to work on Sequence from next week onwards so I'll make this a priority. If you can provide any further information in the mean time, please let me know.

Matt Tunney

Great, I'll zip up a sample and send a link tomorrow.

Ian Lunn

Have you tested in older versions of IE or even IE10? I can't get it to break so this is very odd.

Max Malm

I'm having the same problem as @onebitrocket running W7/IE9

Matt Tunney


Here's a zip bundle of my version

I've tested this on the following:
Windows XP
ie8 + ie8 compatibility (ie7)
ie tester (ie6, ie7 and ie8)
Firefox v16
Chrome v22
Safari 5.12
Opera v11

OS X 10.8

Ipad iOS6 - iOS 6 seems to have compatibility issues with touch controls.

I have another request, but i'll submit that as a seperate issue.



Hi, Just thought I would mention that I have had exactly the same issue with IE9. Strangely, I am sure it was working when I first checked it. Then a week or so later, coming back to it, after doing lots of unrelated stuff, it suddenly isn't working (hanging on preloader).
At first I thought it was me so stripped all the additional javascript I had been adding and writing - but to no avail. Finally I tested a raw version from the zip, not working in IE9, then finally tested the samples on the demo site, and it is hanging too (except the first demo, which is working, sort of, but looks more like a non js version). I am sure the demo's were working when I first found Sequence as that is always one of the first things I test, is it working and how it looks in IE. I have no idea what might have changed to make it now hang, although and 90% certain I have not changed anything.
Am just downloading the example from onebitrocket now and will have a look at that.
Hope someone finds a fix soon as I love this slider.
Best wishes,

Ian Lunn

Thanks guys.

@onebitrocket So you're saying the issue is happening in all of those browsers?


The banner.php from onebitrocket was working. However, after adding a proper doc-type declaration and then forcing non-compatability mode, I can now see the slides for my own version but they do not disappear, just hover over each other.

Sorry I cannot be of any more help but I don't think that my tinkering is going to fix this.

Will be watching closely though because the animations from this slider are amazingly good in everything else, just IE being a bugger as usual. Otherwise this is easily the best jquery slider I have used (and I have used quite a few in the past).

@Ian - fabulous work btw - thanks for sharing. I could put up a demo of the thing I have done not working if it will help.

Matt Tunney

@IanLunn, the pre-loader issues is in ie9 only.
I listed all the browsers i've tested sequence in.

@pauld123, was there a doctype issue with the files I submitted?
I used a blank dreamweaver page the create a new build of my seqence banner.php page
I also stripped out the ie-edge meta as I have to ensure this work on ie7+


No, your banner.php worked - which was really annoying as I still can't get mine nor the demo to work on IE9. I tried swapping out files with your banner.php but in the end (as I was on a deadline) I had to swap the entire slider out for a different one. In fact the only one that I could find that came close (but worked in IE9) was a commercial one (albeit only $5).

(I really can't understand why Microsoft can't produce a simple, standards compliant, browser. Have not seen ie10 yet but I bet its the same).

The doctype I used on my version and the ie-edge meta was partly me getting desperate, trying different things just to see what difference it makes. The demo pages for demo1 works on IE9 but demo2 and demo3 don't.

You were right though about the refresh on IE9, it worked better but not fully after a refresh. I was also combining it with a responsive boilerplate so there may have been some css conflicts, although I couldn't find anything too obvious.

Oddly, some simple jquery rollovers that I had written for later on in the page and nothing to do with sequence were also behaving badly on IE9. I tried different versions of Jquery and both versions of sequence (old and new) but nothing seemed to help the situation.

I hope Ian has a bit more luck working out what the issue is, because it really is beyond me :-(

Best wishes,


Ian Lunn

Please bear with on this one guys. I'll be making my way to this as soon as I've finished the current branch. I have a lot more time to spend on Sequence now so it shouldn't be long.

Do you have a specific version number for IE9 please? I have v9.0.8112.16421 which I'm unable to reproduce in (although I haven't given it much of a go yet).

@pauld123 If you could provide a demo, that'd be great.


I will try to get a demo up tonight, but with all my own js cut out not to make unnecessary complications.

I too am using the same version as you for IE9 (v9.0.8112.16421), with update versions 9.0.10 (KB2744842) whatever that all means.

Basically I believe it is a fully up to date version of IE9.

Ian Lunn

Also see #119

Ian Lunn

@onebitrocket @benjick @pauld123:

I'm still unable to reproduce this issue in IE9. I've created a branch that attempts to fix the issue but as I can't reproduce, would you guys mind testing this version by going here please:

I've updated each demo with this branched version of Sequence. You can get the branch here if you'd like:

Note that the preloader Sequence uses is a modified version of the one found here: which unfortunately also has reports of this same issue in IE9. See here: desandro/imagesloaded#40


I've done couple test and the result are good imo :)
I'm using Win 7 64 bit SP1 Ultimate, IE 9.0.8112.16421 (64bit version)
In the "Modern Style" theme (the one with the ladies), loaded pretty fast and smoothly, no problem at all.
In the "Sliding Horizontal Parallax" theme (planes and sky), it took a while to load (about 10 sec) almost thought it stucked, then the baloon appeared and I was able to cycle through frames. (for the record tested this page in chrome also, and took a while again 7-8 sec so I guess it's the animation heavy to load)
In the "Apple Style" theme (iphones), same as the first theme, everything as expected.

So it's a 3/3 for me!

Done a few more tests with the normal script on the main website, only in the apple theme I got stuck with the preloader, the other 2 loaded up normally.

Hope this helps a bit, unfortunately i'm not really good with javascript.

Ian Lunn

Thanks, that's a good start! Anyone else able to test if the preloader is better on that link?

Matt Reed

Just thought I'd add an angle - I was having similar difficulties with IE and found that a toolbar was the issue.

Ian Lunn

Thanks @m477r33d, that may be something to go on seeing as I can't reproduce. Are you able to say which toolbar?

Ian Lunn

One other thing you guys could do to help test this is look at via BrowserStack. If you're having problems with Sequence in IE9 on your own machines, do you get it when looking at Sequence in IE9 on BrowserStack's browsers too?

This will help to rule a few things out.

Ian Lunn

v0.7.6 should hopefully have fixed this. I could only see the issue when going to a Sequence theme for the first time, couldn't reproduce when refreshing or hard refreshing. So, if anyone could confirm v0.7.6 fixes the issue, please let me know. I'll close the issue for now but comment here again if there's still problems.

Also note that I will be making v0.8 available later today which requires upgrades to existing Sequence implementations, so if you don't want to make those upgrades, please use the v0.7.6 version.

Ian Lunn IanLunn closed this
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