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SubTrack '90

Open Source (MIT License) mobile app to gamify Sonar best practices.


$ sudo npm install -g cordova
$ npm install
$ grunt build

###Update Cordova

sudo npm update -g cordova

If you'll bump with "pre-compile headers" issue after re-building of the app on the iOS platform then please check this link

Verify missions against JSON schema

A JSON Schema constrains the mission level scenarios. Run validator with this:

$ grunt validate

###iOS emulator installation

$ sudo npm install ios-sim -g
$ cordova emulate ios

###Android sdk and emulator installation

First step is to install android sdk

# Android sdk OSX example
export ANDROID_HOME=/Users/%username%/Development/android-sdk-macosx
export PATH=${PATH}:$ANDROID_HOME/tools:$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools

Let's setup android emulator if you add path correctly

$ android avd

And try to run

$ cordova emulate android

You can bump with "ant" problem on OSX, do the next to solve it

$ brew update
$ brew install ant