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Slides for the Open Scholarship Tools a Whirlwind Tour talk at Wikimania 2014


This repo contains the iPython notebook that was used to generate slides for a talk at the Open Scholarship 3 session at Wikimania2014 in London.

Viewing the slideshow

The slides were created in iPython and converted into html using reveal.js. As of 2014-08-11, you can see an instance of the slides here.

Viewing the iPython notebook

The notebook can be viewed using here.

Running the presentation locally

You can get up and running with this presentaiton yourself. You need to follow the folloing steps, once you have pip installed.

### Install IPython

$ pip install ipython[all]

### Get this notebook

$ git clone this repo
$ cd into this repo

Generating slides from the ipython notebook, and serving

To generate html slides from the ipyton notebook, with ipython installed run

$ ipython nbconvert WikimaniaOpenScholarshipTalk.ipynb --to slides --post serve

tutorial on using iPython to build slides

Have a look at this presentation for an overview of what you can do.