Game engine for ASCII console games
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Outrage Engine

I'm making a game engine for ASCII games in the Windows Console, because the Windows Console is the best platform for cutting-edge gaming (duh). It's in Alpha right now, and the docs still need to be written, but we're going full steam ahead with it.

There's an example game in OutrageTest that shows the basics of getting something up and running. In addition, a friend and I used an earlier version of the engine to make this fantastic maze game.

It doesn't work so well in Windows 10 as far as I've been able to test, but should be fine on 8 or earlier. The console may require some specific settings to work properly. Using the older version of the console seems to be the best way to go.

Work to be done

Here is some of the work that needs to go into the beta version:

  1. Menu system
  2. Create a few terrain management options
  3. Create a template for VS
  4. Write the docs
  5. Optimize it
  6. Create a samples library of pre-made assets
  7. Finish a sample game showing off everything

Changes Welcome!

Feel free to submit a pull request or otherwise contribute to the development.