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(Native) App Studio

Proposal: Student's Choice: WordStress

Iason de Bondt (10266224)


Summarization of the app: This app is based on a very old word game, where the user is provided with a random word of arbitrary length. The goal of the game is to make as much as possible new words with the letters within the given word. This game however has some extra stressful elements, hence the name of the game. The user only gets a limited time to construct new words. For every correct constructed word the user gets extra time, but for every wrong constructed word the user gets a time penalty. The user receives points for each correct constructed word (more points for difficult/rare words). And if there are no more possible words, the remaining time will be added to the score.

Game play: The user can select the letters that are contained in the given word to construct new words.


  • Difficulty: the game has an option to determine the length of the given word, by selecting a range. This range will be remembered, even if the user reboots its device.

  • Ranking: the game will remember the scores (with an external database) and order those in a ranking menu.

  • Stress elements: there will be some visual stressful elements in the game. For instance when the user has a lot of time, the screen will have some green tints. But however, when the time is running out the screen will get some red tints together with some nervous sounds (accelerating beeping).

  • The begin screen of the app is a menu, where the user can select to: play the game, choose the difficulty, see the ranking, see the game play rules or quit the game.

  • When completing a game the user will be redirected to the ranking activity, with his new score highlighted.

Optional features:

  • Multilanguage support: for instance, the user can choose between Dutch and English.

  • Multiplayer: the user can enable multiplayer mode. This can be done on the same device, but it would be amazing to get this game running via a server, so that people can compete online.