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(Native) App Studio

Proposal: n-puzzle

Iason de Bondt


Summarization of the app:

  • The n-puzzle is a two-dimensional puzzle with one empty space into which some tiles can slide horizontally or vertically to occupy. Each tile is a piece of a shuffled image. The goal of the puzzle is to re-arrange the puzzle, so that the image is complete once again.

Game play:

  • Tap/click on a tile immediately adjacent (directly on top/below, to the left/right) to the empty space to swap it with the empty space.


  • The game has three levels of difficulty:

    • easy: indicates n = 8 (3x3 puzzle),
    • medium indicates n = 15 (4x4 puzzle),
    • hard indicates n = 24 (5x5 puzzle).
  • The default difficulty is medium.

  • Whenever the difficulty is changed by the user, the app will remember this and set it as default. Even if the user quits the app and re-opens it.

  • The app will save the game state whenever the user quits the app, even if the device get rebooted.

  • At the opening screen of the application, users will be presented with a list of images included with the application, those images are the basis of the n-puzzle.

  • Once the user selected an image, the solution of the puzzle will appear for three seconds before the game starts.

  • During gameplay it is possible to hit the ‘menu’ button, with the option to reset the puzzle, change difficulty (which restarts the puzzle with the desired difficulty) or quit the current game and pick another image. (This menu should only appear within gameplay).

  • When the user has successfully solved the puzzle, he will get congratulated and the original image will be showed together with the amount of moves that were made while solving the puzzle. Finally there is an option to return to the list of images for a new game.