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BeatSaber bloom effect modification plugin

Customize internal bloom effect parameters of each cameras in-game. It is mainly for applying proper or enhanced bloom on CameraPlus's 3rd person camera and MultiView's extra camera. But you can also modify bloom effect of your HMD view.


put dll into Plugins directory

Intialize config file with default value

First, start BeatSaber and play any map for seconds and quit.

Modify config file

Open UserData/modprefs.ini. There you can see some [BloomMod!...] sections. You can modify values and saving the file immediately takes effect in game.


Only on TextureHeight, TextureWidth, value < 1.0 is used to compute texture size by scaling render target width/height rather raw count of pixels. For observing mod effects quick, try set both TextureHeight/Width to 0.25 in section [BloomMod!Camera Plus].

Restore defaults

Set Reset=1 in section [BloomMod] and restart BeatSaber and play any map for seconds and quit.