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Adding Rspec tests for random bounding box #4

merged 1 commit into from Jul 18, 2016
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@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
module IbottaGeohash
VERSION = "0.2.0"
VERSION = "0.2.1"
@@ -184,7 +184,6 @@

#todo having trouble finding any references to go off of for this to create tests
describe "::bounding_box" do
it 'known' do
s,w,n,e = box = described_class.bounding_box(51, 7, 111000)
@@ -193,20 +192,29 @@
expect(n).to be_within(0.01).of(51.99)
expect(e).to be_within(0.01).of(8.58)

# from
# "In order to do a proximity search, one could compute the southwest corner (low geohash with low latitude and longitude)
# and northeast corner (high geohash with high latitude and longitude) of a bounding box and search for geohashes between
# those two. This will retrieve all points in the z-order curve between the two corners, which can be far too many points,
# this also breaks down at the 180 meridians and the poles" <<- Most relevant point here.

it 'random' do
1024.times do
radius = rand(1..described_class::MERCATOR.max)
lat = rand(-90.0..90.0)
lng = rand(-180.0..180.0)
# the range of Mercator.max is too large for a random bounding-box estimation and seems to be throwing
# values off of the map's confines of N/S (-90/90 degrees) and E/W (-180/180 degrees). See above about pole breakdown.
radius = rand(1..100_000) # a radius range of 100,000 passes tests
lat = rand(-80.0..80.0) # avoid the breakdown at the poles
lng = rand(-170.0..170.0) # avoid the breakdown at meridians
s, w, n, e = box = described_class.bounding_box(lat, lng, radius)
# p lat, lng, radius, box

# expect(s).to be_between(-90, 90)
# expect(n).to be_between(-90, 90)
expect(s).to be_between(-90.0, 90.0)
expect(n).to be_between(-90.0, 90.0)
expect(s < n).to eq true

# expect(w).to be_between(-180, 180)
# expect(e).to be_between(-180, 180)
expect(w).to be_between(-180.0, 180.0)
expect(e).to be_between(-180.0, 180.0)
expect(w < e).to eq true