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* @file
* This file provides a preprocess function for the author pane used by
* Advanced Forum and Advanced Profile Kit.
* Implementation of hook_preprocess_author_pane().
function facebook_status_preprocess_author_pane(&$variables) {
$variables += array(
'facebook_status' => '',
'facebook_status_status' => '',
'facebook_status_time' => '',
$status = _facebook_status_get_status_fast($variables['account']->uid);
if (!facebook_status_user_access('view', $status)) {
//Show nothing if the status is blank.
if (!empty($status->message)) {
//The fully themed status, including the themed username (if settings permit) and the time.
$variables['facebook_status'] = facebook_status_show($status);
//Just the status, safe but with no filters run over it.
$variables['facebook_status_status'] = check_plain($status->message);
//The formatted time the status was submitted.
$variables['facebook_status_time'] = theme('facebook_status_time', $status->created);
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