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Welcome to Lode Runner by Isaac Sukin.

Lode Runner is a platform game. Your job is to collect all the gold in each
level. You automatically pick up gold when you walk over it. There are two
types of gold: coins and treasure, worth 1 and 3 points, respectively. If you
succeed in collecting all the gold, you will be able to enter a portal to win
the level. Some portals also require keys to open. Like gold, you can collect
keys by walking over them. Portal keys are black.

Use the A key to move left and the D key to move right. If you are in front of
a ladder, you can use the W key to climb up it or the S key to climb down it.
You can also step off of ladders to the left or right with A or D,
respectively. Additionally, you can climb across bars to the left or right
using A or D, or drop from them using S. You will not get hurt if you fall off
platforms. However, you will die if you run into spikes. You start with 3
lives; if you die, you will lose a life and have to restart the level, and if
you lose all your lives you will lose all your gold.

Phantoms are devoted to stopping you in your quest to collect gold. They will
kill you if they touch you. You can temporarily disable Phantoms by tricking
them into falling into holes. Phantoms are incapacitated while they are in
holes, and you can walk over them safely. You can dig a hole to your left or
right by pressing Q or E, respectively. (Note that you cannot dig a hole
directly under yourself, but you can trap yourself in holes.) Holes will
eventually fill back in. If you are in a hole when it fills, you will die. If a
Phantom is in a hole when it fills, it will respawn. (If you are in the way of
where the Phantom wants to respawn, it will wait until you move.) Phantoms can
also pick up gold coins, keeping you from finishing the level. However, they
will drop their coins if they fall into a hole.

You may also encounter gates, which will block your way until you open them
with keys of the same color. Additionally, be aware of different types of
environment geometry; for example, you cannot dig through steel, and you cannot
stop quickly on slippery surfaces.

Additionally, you can edit levels and create your own new ones by clicking the
"Edit" or "Create new level" buttons on the menu at the top of the game window.
Click an object in the panel on the right and then click in the game area to
place it. (You can also click-and-drag to add many of the same object at once.)
Click the Save button when you're done, give your level a name, and you will
then be able to play your new level. You can open saved levels (or restart the
campaign) by clicking the "Open level" button.
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