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mruby SFML

Umbrella gem for other mruby-sfml-* gems

All bindings were done against SFML 2.4, however some classes may be left out or incomplete (primarily from the network module)


Retrieving SFML version

The current binded SFML version can be retried by using the constants provided below, these are from the <SFML/Config.h> header and so may not reflect the library version.

SFML::Version::MAJOR # => 2
SFML::Version::MINOR # => 4
SFML::Version::PATCH # => 1
SFML::Version::STRING # => 2.4.1
SFML::VERSION # => alias for SFML::Version::STRING


The gems do not specify any library or headers, as the user of the gems, you must manually include the libraries and headers in your mruby config.