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Jacman Simple

Jacman is a fresh looking and responsive theme for Hexo with more features and some build-in Chinese service based on Pacman.

Then Ice He simplified it and use it for his blog

Demo | Jark's Blog

如何使用 Jacman 主题



$ git clone themes/jacman

** Jacman requires Hexo 2.7 and above.**


Modify theme setting in blog folder _config.yml to jacman.


cd themes/jacman
git pull origin simple

Please backup your _config.yml file before update.


Modify settings in /themes/jacman/_config.yml. Learn More.


  • menu
    Main navigation menu.
  • widget
    Widgets displaying in sidebar.The category,tag,rss,archive,tagcloud,links,weibo are supported.
  • Image
    Images about favicon, site logo, author image, banner image. Support different image styles like img-logo,img-topic,img-center etc.
  • index
    Two different home page display modes.You can visit Demo & Jark's Blog to check the difference.
  • toc
    Show Table Of Contents in article & aside.
  • comments
    duoshuo are supported.
  • Analytiscs
    Google analytics & Baidu tongji are all supported.
  • Search
    Googlle Custom Search are supported.
  • totop
    Scroll to top
  • rss
    RSS subscription link (change if using Feedburner).
  • fancybox
    Enable Fancybox
  • custom theme color Mondify theme color in _config.yaml instead of finding unfamiliar stylus files.
  • others You can configure sidebar not show in post pages.

You can learn how to use them from Configuration.