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Amphritite is a free coming soon website theme.
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Amphritite is a free coming soon website theme from Abifog. Thanks for downloading this theme. I hope you find it useful.
Please fork it and make a pull request if you would like to contribute to this theme.


A demo of the Amphritite Theme can be seen here


  • Great Looks
  • Scrolling Background Image
  • Set your own Scroll Speed Background
  • Countdown Timer (set your own date)
  • Awesome Preloader (fully customizable)
  • Responsive – 100% Mobile Friendly
  • Multiple beautiful looking preset images
  • Add your own background
  • Awesome Fonts
  • All components installed locally. No online dependencies.
  • Bootstrap 3.X Compatible (preinstalled)
  • jQuery Compatible
  • Well Documented
  • Lots+ More !

File Structure

The files are arranged into the following structure:

  • Main Folder
  • CSS folder - contains bootstrap, font-awesome icons and the stylesheet CSS files.
  • JS folder - contains jQuery, Bootstrap JS and the main JavaScript files.
  • Fonts folder- contains all the necessary fonts for the website.
  • Images folder- the required images for the site.
  • index.html - the main webpage file.


Frameworks The following frameworks have been used:

  • Bootstrap – the only part of bootstrap that has been used, is the grid system for the placement of objects in the page. For all other things, custom CSS is used
  • jQuery

Both frameworks have been installed locally, on the theme in the CSS and JS folder respectively. They have the capability to work offline.


All fonts have been installed locally on this theme and are included in the fonts folder.

Changing the Background Image

To change the background image, simply go to the images folder and rename your desired image as banner.jpg

Adding your own Image

  • Take your desired image
  • Make it symmetrical Adobe Photoshop
  • Now save your image as banner.jpg in the images folder

Adding Social Icons

Font Awesome has already been installed. To add or remove icons:

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