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Quiz App with exponential scoring mechanism. Built in Django.
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Exponential Quiz

Online quiz app with exponential scoring. Built for a CCS-TIET event.



  • Standard Quiz Features
  • Exponential Scoring and negative marking
  • Know your score after each answer submission
  • User auth for both quiz makers and students
  • Images/Code/Text in questions.
  • Anti cheat (Note: The Anti Cheat features give false positives on Firefox so please use other browsers for the test or disable anti-cheat.)

Score System

  • Questions will appear one by one.
  • The participant will have the choice of either skipping the question or answering it.
  • If they answer it corectly they'll get 2^1 points.
  • If they answer another question correctly after that theyll get 2^2 points.
  • And so on
  • If they skip a question, next questions points will again start from 2^1.
  • If they answer the question incorrectly 2 marks will be deducted.
  • If they answer another question incorrectly 4 marks will be deducted and so on.

Running Locally

Install the requirements:

In a python3virtualenv,

pip install -r requirements.txt

Link to the database by setting the DATABASE_URL environment variable. Then run:

python migrate

Finally, run the development server:

python runserver

Other Deployment Methods

I haven't built a dockerfile for this specific app but I think after connecting it to postgres you'll have to run the python migrate command once inside the container's shell. Same with heroku etc. I tested deployment on both heroku and apache and it works properly.


  • The contents of one option of a question should be 'Skip' if you want a question to be skippable.
  • Basic html markup can be inserted into the questions for code, images, formatting, etc.

Other Screenshots

exponential-quiz exponential-quiz exponential-quiz



The source code is released under the MIT License.

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