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Demo application similar to Starbucks Mobile app

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This app is for the fictitious Telerik AppBuilder Coffee Company. The application lets the user find stores close to their current location, browse a list of locations, add payment cards and scroll through them. Then the user can select a card and see its balance, tap on the card image and use a barcode to pay. She can review the rewards associated with each card and use the reward card barcode to get her reward.

This app uses the Kendo UI Mobile framework.

The app demonstrates the following:

  • Geolocation (show stores close to the current location)
  • Storage (save your cards on the device)
  • Kendo UI Mobile Scroll View (scroll through Payment Cards)
  • Kendo UI Mobile Stretched View (Google Maps)
  • Kendo UI Mobile Templates
  • Kendo UI Mobile Observable Object

For more information please refer to the sample documentation.

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