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A plugin-based Telegram bot written in Python
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Flexible, plugin-based Telegram bot written in Python.

How to setup

Clone the repo, install the modules and doop doop.

How to write plugins for the bot

Basic structure

class plugin_name():
    The plugin name must be the same as the filename of the module
    Plugins are also able to access the following variables:
    - self.admin_list   -> the admin_list defined in config.json

    def __init__(self):
        self.config = {}
        self.commands = {
            'command1': handler1,
            'command2': handler2
        self.default_config = {} # If this exists, it's copied to the plugin config in config.yaml (Not required)
        self.description = "Plugin description"
        self.help_text = "Plugin help text"

    def on_load(self):
        print("I get called when the bot loads this plugin!")

    def handler1(self, bot, update, args):

    def handler2(self, bot, update, args):

    def on_text(self, bot, update):
        update.message.reply_text("I get called when a message gets sent")

    # There are also other handlers for other types of messages.

After writing the plugin, either enable it with /enable <plugin_name> or by manually adding the plugin name in the config.yaml

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